3D Printed Motocross Neck Brace - A Reality???

Happy New Year!!!

Over the holidays, the entire staff here at Moto3Designs received quite the thoughtful gift.  We want to continue being productive (while having fun of course!!), so everyone received  a brand new EVS R4 Race Collar from EVS Sports to keep them safe while roosting their best friends!

We believe that the R4 Race Collar is a great product, hence why all of our colleagues received one for Christmas.  Manufactured from polyurethane and designed to have a low-profile ergonomic fit, the brace can hardly be felt while riding, but we are hoping its protective abilities will become very apparent if one of us just so happens to have a nasty send off (Remember Chad Reed's crash at Spring Creek in 2011 where he was the first human to ever successfully fly?!?!?!)

3D Printed Neck Brace Moto 3Designs 1

Anyways... this ever so gracious gift got us to thinking....what if 3D printing were used to create the best fitting neck brace ever imagined?  We have the ability to scan 3D objects with our phones and tablets with new software programs such as Autodesk 123D Catch, and this technology is improving on a daily basis.  So what if you were able to scan your head, neck, and shoulder region with your iPhone, send us the scan, and in return we sent you the most protective and most ergonomic neck brace ever?  One that wouldn't move while you are riding, would fit you perfectly, and wouldn't get in the way of turning your head while looking back over a massive triple to see where your competition's at!

3D Printed Neck Brace Moto 3Designs 2

The material make up of the 3D Printed neck brace could even be altered from order to order to better suit the needs of each individual rider and their riding style.  Maybe a softer more elastic material could be used for a trails rider, while a supercross rider might prefer a harder nylon type material.  

The technology to make these dreams of a 3D printed neck brace a reality is available, but not currently in a cost effective manner.  However, with the rapid evolution of 3D printing technology, we here at Moto3Designs hope to one day not only make your ride look better than imagined but also hope to make you more protected than ever before imagined!!


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